The Historic Taco Trail

As I may have mentioned in an earlier post, in July we took a family trip to Washington State, where we visited family and dear friends and saw many pretty sights and did lots of fun things. (Unfortunately, if I keep with tradition, that might be as much as I’ll say here on my blog about that trip. LAZY.)

On the first day of our trip we stopped at a Taco Time restaurant in Boise for dinner. And then for the rest of our trip we kept noticing more and more Taco Time restaurants. Dean said, “We must be on the Taco Time corridor.”

Then I forgot all about all our Taco Time sightings–until just now when Dean brought me this map:

(Yes, it’s a map of Taco Time locations overlaid with our travel route.)

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9 Responses to The Historic Taco Trail

  1. Jason says:

    That’s very funny.

  2. Rachel says:

    I love that he looked that up.

  3. Jbug says:

    On the same trip we stopped at the taco time in davis! ( But you were lucky. Your taco time was on the corridor of tacos. )

  4. Jbug says:

    Davis county, Utah, that is.

  5. Haven’t you ever heard about buried Spanish gold along the Taco Time corridor?

  6. Erin says:

    Ahhh, we have taken both of those routes when visiting family. What town did you go to when you were on the Sound? We went to Fort Flagler for a family reunion years ago, and I have family in Graham, Puyallup (where I was born) and Tacoma. I LOVE it up there.

    Yes, I realize this post was about Taco Time. But, seeing as how I don’t really care for T.T. and I LOVE Washington state, of course that is what I fixated on.

    • zstitches says:

      I love Washington State, too. My mom grew up in Whidbey Island, Bremerton, and Tacoma. On this trip we stayed in Sequim on the Olympic Peninsula and then in Bellevue.

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