Kids these days! No, really

My kids had a cousin over and spent the morning playing an elaborate game with stuffed animals. I just found this open document on the computer (made by Mabel, I’m sure):

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8 Responses to Kids these days! No, really

  1. Um. My brother, 2 sisters, and I had a stuffed animal city. Bethani was old enough to play for real, so she was probably 6, meaning I was 13. We had a mayor and a staffed hospital and a bank. We had money we printed on my dad’s old line printer. We built cars out of shoeboxes and made hats. Our parents let us keep the set-up for several days.

    I can’t recall, though, ever sending out memos. . .

    • zstitches says:

      That’s exactly how my kids play–wifth different homes and stores and businesses. Sunday Mabel cataloged all her animals by type and name. And they do like to keep their set-up as long as we’ll let them.

      • zstitches says:

        I am further informed that in this particular game they had a corporation called “Shnoufle Industries, Inc.,” and “it was owned by a large dog, Mr. Shnoufles, who had a monopoly on everything, and everyone works for Shnoufle Industries. So in the first one it’s just a bunch of love stories, and in the second one it’s love stories and spy stories.”

  2. Lili says:

    AWE. SOME.

    (Have her put this in her college application and she’s sorted) 😉

  3. jennie w. says:

    How funny that it occurred to her to make something on the computer. She must have a good example of that. Haha.

  4. erin says:

    I especially like the use of “A” and “B” to help make her point. What cute kids.

  5. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    I, Grandpa Tracy, was just showing this to Molly, who says that Mr. Shnouffle Industries was her idea, and that she is both Oregeno Squirrel and Mr. Shnouffle.

  6. hahahaha! I know that’s all I say when I come here, but seriously, your kids are funny every time.

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