Silly grownups; silly kids

I just asked Hazel, who appears to be coming down with a cold, “Do you have a crusty nose?”

“Yeah. Christina does have a nose.”

Christina is my brother Andy’s fiancée. I love how Hazel takes it in stride that I might ask her such a question. It probably makes just as much sense to her as other things grownups are always asking her.

Henry, Rose, Mabel, Hazel. I managed to get them all to wear clothes I made for them (some of these things were made years ago) for my cousin’s wedding reception last weekend, so I wanted to get a picture afterward. Hazel’s hand-me-down jumper is really still too big. Henry is fierce.

Henry’s shirt is from a pima woven plaid fabric my mom bought at Britex in San Francisco in the 70s. She passed it on to me and I made this shirt when Ike was little. I made a matching doll shirt that Ike never played with, but Henry loves to put it on his teddy bear.

I didn’t sew Isaac’s clothes. But I like to think I helped craft his sense of humor.

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One Response to Silly grownups; silly kids

  1. Jason says:

    Fierce, with Teddy bear.

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