Superlative praise

Today my kids’ cousins invited them over for an impromptu tea party and suggested they dress up for it. So the kids quickly threw together some outfits. Mabel was a Native American princess, Rose a “clown princess” since she was wearing striped socks with her glitter shoes, Henry was a superhero/knight, and Hazel was at first a bunny princess but wouldn’t keep the ears on, so they settled for putting a tutu on her and a pretty, if somewhat-smashed, hat.

(I did take a picture. I should go find it. Maybe later.)

Later Rose was admiring Hazel, and said, “Hazel is the cutest baby ever. Even if she had golden hair, green eyes, a purple dress, and her name was Rapunzel, she wouldn’t be prettier.”

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2 Responses to Superlative praise

  1. Stephen says:

    Well, I think they’re all “crown” princesses and prince.

  2. Jbug says:

    Hazel is the cutest baby ever, and even if she had HUGE eyes and a chameleon she couldn’t get cuter.

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