Sometimes you just get tired of pickers

Mabel likes to draw dot-to-dots and other activities for Rose, Henry, or Hazel during church, like this one:

Yesterday Rose passed back this note on the reverse of the folded page. (She meant “pictures.”)

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6 Responses to Sometimes you just get tired of pickers

  1. Jason says:

    “Pickers” works just fine for me. Just delightful documents.

  2. Jen says:

    I love these.

  3. Kayli says:


    So, I found a link to your blog through the weirdest route the other day. I was looking at an engagement picture on facebook adn someone commented about how photog shoots would be better if the subjects were always given light sabers and then someone linked to a picture of squirrels with light sabers, from this blog apparently. awesome.

    • zstitches says:

      SO random. Of course I only swiped the image from somewhere else. (I hope I attributed it. I usually try to.)

      If you had said you had arrived here when searching about magnetic paper dolls, then I wouldn’t have been surprised–that’s actually my number one search term.

  4. tedi says:

    i remember doing something like that when i was younger I love how little kids spell things!

  5. The whole thing where Rose says “Sorry too for getting angrey” with the little frowny face is my fault; Rose has seen me chatting w/ friends on Gmail before and we always do things like that. “Something something :)…” “Something something :(…” I try to avoid using emoticons like that too much, but they are useful.

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