Motherhood made my hair fall out (actually it just turned it gray)

At 27 months, Hazel’s language skills have been taking off, but she still walks around with a pacifier in her mouth half the time, so the clear sentences that come out of her almost always take us by surprise. She doesn’t even take the binky out of her mouth and can speak as clearly as if it weren’t there. If you don’t want people to expect you to talk, a binky in the mouth is a great disguise.

This morning she had on her paper-flower necklace. I said, “I like your necklace.” She said, “You made my necklace.” Just like that–with the correct verb tense and everything.

This afternoon she found a few hairs on my bed. I told her they were probably mine, and she said, “Your hair’s falling out?!”

(YOU try explaining to a 27-month-old that people lose a few hairs here and there, and that it’s nothing to worry about. She did seem to take my word for it. I hope she wasn’t too confused.)

Henry had assembled a few fruit snacks in a formation and was carefully pushing them together along the table.

My mom asked, “Should that make a car noise, or a boat noise?”

Henry looked at her with his eyebrows drawn together, and said, “They’re fruit snacks.”

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4 Responses to Motherhood made my hair fall out (actually it just turned it gray)

  1. Stephen says:

    i LOVE that kid!

  2. Rachel M. says:

    “They’re fruit snacks.” Love.

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