Paper punched flower necklaces

My mom had noticed I loved her five-petal flower punch and found me one for my birthday. I couldn’t wait to play with it.

I ended up making both of these by myself because Mabel and Rose tried making their own, but it was hard for them to manage the long yarn and the knots on each side of the flowers. We could have tried beads for spacers, but instead we’re going to try again a different day with sections of drinking straws between the flowers.

(In sickness news, I’m still sick, but starting to see light on the horizon.)

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3 Responses to Paper punched flower necklaces

  1. Acheté says:

    Cute and fun idea. I love that photo of Rose and Hazel.


  2. Sandy says:

    So fun and so easy especially with a cricut to cut the paper.

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