The Monday routine

Dean and I were still lying in bed this morning (half-dead, in my case–I’ve caught that nasty coughing bug that’s going around, and two whole days of lying in bed haven’t yet vanquished it–oh, the misery) and Isaac had been helping Henry get his breakfast. Then I heard Isaac shout something, and the front door close. I sat up. “Did he just say, ‘I’m going to school?’ I swear I heard him say the word ‘school.’ How could he possibly not know there’s no school today?”

We looked all over the house and Isaac was, in fact, nowhere to be found. We were all laughing. I said, “That has to be the funniest thing any 13-year-old has ever done. I guess he’ll just show up at the junior high and see no one’s there and come back. But–he was just looking at his yearbook last night. Could he really have forgotten it’s summer break?”

A minute later Isaac showed back up with his backpack on, laughing. Apparently he and some kids at church had had this idea for a prank, and had planned to meet at a corner near our house. Only two of the kids (siblings) besides Isaac remembered. One of them woke up his mom to say goodbye, then left. She called him a couple minutes later on his cell phone to remind him there wasn’t any school.

Isaac is now two inches taller than me, and yes, I do know he looks older than 13. But he’ll be fourteen next month, so . . . yeah. He’ll still look older than he is.

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3 Responses to The Monday routine

  1. Stephen says:

    Good lookin’ kid!

  2. Kristina P. says:

    Funny! I love that this is their idea for a prank. I’m used to dealing with “Criminal Mischief” pranks. 🙂

  3. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    Love that kid!

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