Dour investors: own a domestic at blonde prices! Bless daytime!

I was just about to delete a spam comment when a second glance told me this one was worth sharing. (It almost makes you sad for the businesses who’ve trusted in this marketer. Almost.)

We Buy Houses With No Equity,We Bribe Any Houses,We peculate Through Payments.Please pack form on [website] and irritate tender in 48 hours or tag us entertain refer to friends who need help.Bless daytime!

Attention Landlords and Rehabbers: If you are a dour investor buying at least anyone edifice per quarter for rental or rehab, then you are in the truth location fair now.

Holder Financing May Be The Occult Explanation Learn How To Own A Domestic Without Dealing With A Bank! Chance The Hideous Truth To Renting & Why It May Be Frame You Secretly Financially?? Gain Insider Secrets on How Possessor Financing Really Works Requirement Latest Start? We can help.Painting callers can coat your house within desired unceasingly a once box in, in colors of your pick with best discounts in support of paints,with admissible alongside client quality.

Blonde prices,references,allow,cords,insuranse.For pictures of your works amuse visit

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5 Responses to Dour investors: own a domestic at blonde prices! Bless daytime!

  1. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    But you deleted the URL. How am I gonna get my domestic blonde?

  2. Jason says:

    A style I call stream-of-barely-consciousness.

    • zstitches says:

      And yet the writing smacks of strenuous effort. And there are only two misspelled words (peculate and insuranse). I get the feeling that someone somewhere is feeling very proud of his or her English translation skillz.

  3. Hannah says:

    I love me a good piece of SPAM, and there are so many treasures in this one. Thanks for sharing.

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