Another example of why mothers need the Gift of Tongues

4-year-old Henry and 7-year-old Rose came downstairs, Henry teary-eyed and yelling, and Rose exasperated. Rose said, “He said ‘Choose what you want to write,’ so I wrote, ‘Awesome,’ and he says he doesn’t want me to write ‘Awesome,’ but he said I could choose what I wanted!”

[Stop here. Do you have the wisdom of Solomon? Have you guessed how to resolve the dispute?]

I ask Henry, “Did you want her to write the words, ‘Choose what you want to write’?


I turn to Rose. “He didn’t want you to choose what you wanted to write. He wanted you to write the WORDS, ‘Choose what you want to write.'”

Rose laughs. “Oh! I was like, ‘I writed what I wanted to write!’ and he was like ‘I didn’t want you to write those words!'”

Update: I just found a piece of paper on my desk that says, in Rose’s handwriting, “What do you choose?” Underneath, in Mabel’s handwriting, it says, “I choose being the ruler of the world and winning $100,000. I also choose brown.”

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8 Responses to Another example of why mothers need the Gift of Tongues

  1. Tracy Hall Jr says:

    Nope. I don’t even have the wisdom of Zina!

    And Lili thinks we get our literalism from the stove!

  2. Stephen says:

    Literalism leads to martyrdom. LOL

  3. Jason says:

    That was nothing short of inspiration.

  4. the MomB says:

    I know Solomon was wise, but he had nothing on Zina.

  5. Jbug says:

    Did you know that brown was Mabel’s favorite flavor? She told me (on memorial day) that yesterday she told everyone that was her favorite flavor. And it really bugged Rose.

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