A new pillow for Bear and Penguin

Henry was hanging out in my sewing room and it occurred to me that he might be able to manage a needle and thread, so I set down my own project and spent some time with my cute boy. With some pretty close supervision, he did nearly all the embroidery stitches on this little pillow by himself. He also made the design decisions. (I forgot to notch the seam allowances, so it’s my fault the edges of the pillow aren’t smooth.)

I’ve usually tried teaching my kids some simple embroidery when they’re pretty young, but Henry caught on to the idea of the needle going up and down through the fabric much more quickly than my kids usually have, and he was amazingly patient and teachable.

Earlier he had asked me what I was doing and I’d said I was working on a new dress for Mabel. He said, “A new dress! That’s cool! When you’re done, could you make a new–” and he paused. I said, “A new shirt or pants for you?” “Yeah!” There hadn’t been any little-boy clothes on my long list of sewing projects, but how could I say no? (But maybe this little pillow will slake his thirst for something hand-sewn of his own.)

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3 Responses to A new pillow for Bear and Penguin

  1. Jason says:

    That’s a terrific moment.

  2. Kayli says:

    *Love* that smile.

  3. Virginia Wood says:

    I think sewing is a useful and easy skill to teach to boys. Once when I was helping Sarah and two of her friends make a simple nine-patch quilt, Jonathan wistfully watching said, “How come girls get to do all the fun things?”

    GREAT JOB Henry.

    Great Aunt Ginger

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