Another glimpse into the mind of a hoarder

As I said in my other post, I really do think I’m far from the pathological end of the hoarding spectrum. But (among other hoarder-ways-of-thinking) I’m gifted at seeing the potential in things. So I’m always trying to remind myself that there might be someone else better suited to develop the usefulness of something, or that the cost of storing it, or the opportunity cost of fixing it up, outweighs its potential.

Anyway, a few weeks ago I got a box of sewing books on a giveaway table at a Relief Society meeting, and today I was going through them to see which I wanted to keep. I was excited that there were several books full of small cross-stitch motifs–not that I’m likely to ever take up cross-stitch, but because a few years ago I learned to do (and I like doing) duplicate stitch, which you can use cross-stitch patterns for. (I do love the look of cross-stitch on fine linens, so maybe I’ll try that some time, but I’m not really into pictorial cross-stitch on Aida cloth.)Ā  I’d even looked at cross-stitch books on Amazon once, but couldn’t decide which to get, and then forgot about it. So the cross-stitch books were a fun find. (Are there lots of nice free cross-stitch designs to be found online? Then I could get rid of these books. I should check.)

ANYWAY (finally getting to the point of this story) there were a couple of books on other topics in the box, and although they were very outdated and printed on cheap paper, they also looked like they were full of good ideas. So I thought I might wait until I get a chance to read through them before I send them on to a thrift store.

The punch line? One of the books is about cleaning, and the other is about de-cluttering.

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3 Responses to Another glimpse into the mind of a hoarder

  1. Grandpa T says:

    Throw those other tow books out, pronto!

    • zstitches says:

      But let’s do the math–if the advice in the books inspires me to clean three rooms and declutter 20 items, then I’ll come out ahead. šŸ™‚

  2. Susanna says:

    Shoot. I wanted to *like* this post but I’m not a wordpress member and don’t want to be šŸ™‚

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