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I’m in the mood to write a long thoughtful blog post on one of any number of interesting-to-me topics, but I also got up at 5 AM Montreal time this morning, or 3 AM Utah time, and my brain is spinning, so instead I will leave you with one observation. No, two observations:

1) Just as the saying “No offense” always precedes or follows something very offensive, when someones says, “Somebody had to say it,” they have usually just said something that no one should ever have said. (This insight just popped into my head, and is not apropos of any recent real-life experiences.)

2) Today at the Trudeau airport I watched a compact, smartly-dressed woman neatly fold her scarf into a tidy rectangle, tuck that neatly into the folded detached hood of her raincoat, and tuck both into her smart, compact little bag. I thought, “You would never guess how much you and I think alike.” (I love neat, tidy, compact things. But I had a bunch of kids and chose an ample, abundant, untidy life.)

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