Easter basket conservation

The other day on Twitter I saw someone talking about looking for Easter baskets at a thrift store in order to recycle, and I thought, “Huh? If you’re going to recycle why not just use the same baskets each year, like we do?” I had forgotten that our circumstances are special, because years ago we got permission from the Easter Bunny for Dean and I to do the baskets. Only now did I figure out that in families where the Easter Bunny brings the baskets, of course he would bring new ones each year. But then I thought how people re-use Christmas stockings–so my recycling/thrift suggestion is to set out your own baskets for him and just let him fill them for you.

On the other hand, I did see some really cute baskets for sale this year and was tempted to replace all of ours. Also, I don’t think Hazel’s basket is going to survive past this year. A little while ago I watched her pry up a lollipop that had gotten glued to the carpet, and later saw her trying to remove bits of tissue paper Easter grass from the same lollipop. So I washed it for her, and then she was pretty sure that the water had ruined the lollipop. (But eventually she ate it in spite of her misgivings.) So, yeah, her basket is probably a goner.

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3 Responses to Easter basket conservation

  1. Cynedra says:

    Occasionally the Easter bunny will bring new baskets. But we also sometime use the same one year to year. The Easter bunny brought new ones this year because I couldn’t remember where I put the ones from last year. (Yep, not good.) Right now, of course, is the best time to buy new ones for next year though. I love clearance.

  2. the MomB says:

    I would call Hazel’s basket *recycled*. It shall return to the earth whence it came.

  3. Anneke says:

    My family has always set them out like stockings to be filled. In fact, I never until just now thought that people might do it differently.

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