Easter 2011

I love Easter because I love spring, warmer days, and trees and tulips in bloom. I love Easter because I love chocolate and pastel colors and pretty dresses and decorated eggs. I love Easter because its traditions are somewhat low-key and easy for a mom to keep up. (I do love Christmas, but it’s more work.) I love Easter because it means we’ve made it through another gray winter. I love Easter because I love singing hymns and singing with the ward choir.

But most of all I love Easter because Jesus Christ has risen and saved us all. He took away the victory of the grave and the sting of sin. I believe that with all my heart.


At first we tried to wrestle the lollipop from Hazel, but decided a sticky, smiling, toddler was better than a screaming one.

Découpaged tissue paper egg. The stand was made with a a paper punch designed for making borders.

I know I just said we had decided not to take away Hazel’s lollipop–but we did have to take Henry’s one away from her.

Now Hazel’s calmed, but I’m still looking stressed. (Dean didn’t feel like getting out the tripod, so he’s not in any of these photos.)

Punched flowers over découpaged tissue.

More découpaged tissue paper


Note to self: If lining the kids up by height and taking photos from the right, put the tallest kid on the left next time. That way the baby won’t be at the vanishing point.

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10 Responses to Easter 2011

  1. Kristina P. says:

    Those eggs are beautiful!

    And I love the floppy hats.

  2. Jason says:

    The first solo pic of Hazel–never seen anything more adorable in my life.

  3. Mrs. Organic says:

    They’re all so cute! And I love how the eggs turned out.

  4. Jen says:

    Beautiful family, beautiful eggs. I really came to say that if your blouse in this post is Eddie Bauer, I have the same one in burgundy, and I wore it the day I went on my mission as well as to my sister’s wedding last weekend.

  5. Stephen says:

    What a DELIGHTFUL set of photos. And ditto on Jason’s. Unless it’s Mabel’s posing.

  6. grandma weight says:

    Loved the photos! Bryan walked by and saw the beautiful eggs. He was very impressed!

  7. Erin says:

    What beautiful eggs. And even more beautiful children!

  8. Rachel Sue says:

    The hats! I love the hats! So cute!

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