Adventure is out there!

Isaac showed me five large-sized Popsicle sticks he had interwoven to form a star. I asked, “Is that a throwing star that explodes on contact?” Then I added, “How lucky are you to have a mom that can look at that and guess that it’s a throwing star that explodes on contact? Very lucky.”

“It doesn’t actually explode very easily. It’s held together pretty tightly.”

“Yeah, actually I think I’ve made one of those before, and they are surprisingly sturdy.”

A few minutes later I asked him to take a photo of the star for this post, and he said, “Oh, I don’t have it anymore.”

“It did explode?”

“Yeah. But I had to hit it against the wall pretty hard several times before it did.”

Isaac asked me, “Is there a clipboard-type object I could use?” (I’ve actually been meaning to acquire some such objects.)

Mabel asks, “Mom, is it just a coincidence that the addresses of everyone in our ward are west-something south-something or south-something west-something?

Me, blinking: “No. All the homes in our ward are south of Center Street and west of State Street.”

Mabel leaves the room and I say to Dean, “I don’t think I’d made that observation.”

At the doctor’s office, our pediatrician asked Rose how she likes school. She said, “Well, I had to miss a science thing they were doing about dirt.”

I clarified: “Well, today I had to pick her up from school a little early to get to our appointment. So that’s why she had to miss the thing about dirt.”

Rose: “Not dirt. Soil!”

“Well, I’m just using the same word you did,” I replied, and then immediately felt sheepish for trying to save face in front of the pediatrician. Heaven forbid he think I don’t know to call dirt soil. (But I think Rose indirectly answered the doctor’s question about how she’s doing in school.)

Henry likes superheroes, but he’s especially enthralled by the trifecta of his favorite super-villains: Syndrome from The Incredibles, “Stonerfax” (which is how he pronounces “Stoic the Vast”) who is Hiccup’s dad and the tribal chief in How To Train Your Dragon, and Charles Muntz from Up.

Here Henry is geared up as a composite supervillain, saying, “Adventure is out there!” (The fingerless glove is from a Pokémon “Ash” costume I made, that Ike wore almost daily at Henry’s age. Henry doesn’t mind that only one glove remains.)

I’m giving you the whole series of photos because I love how hard Hazel is working at doing the thumbs-up.

At my mom’s house the other day, Hazel came upstairs eating an intact, unblemished but peeled banana, and we were amazed because nobody had peeled it for her, so she had to have done it herself. Later I caught her peeling another one, and this was her method: she pushed her two thumbs into one of the seams at the center of the banana, pulled them apart, and pried the banana out. She’s definitely the first barely-two-years-old child I’ve known to peel her own bananas. (Then, remembering her love of bananas but forgetting her trick of peeling them, I bought two big bunches yesterday and have been rewarded by finding peels and chunks of banana all over the house.)

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7 Responses to Adventure is out there!

  1. Lili says:

    Henry is (and looks) awesome.

    So is Hazel.

  2. the MomB says:

    Ah ha ha–love it all!
    Hazel is reminding me of Ramona and the apples.

    • the MomB says:

      Oh, and I’ve been meaning to tell you that I found that popsicle stick she was playing with/enamored of, stuck very deliberately and gently in the slot under my closed dryer door, sticking out so that (I’m assuming) it could be easily retrieved.

      • zstitches says:

        🙂 That is SUCH a typical Hazel thing. She’s always trying to work on the mechanics of my sewing machines with whatever tool-like object she can find.

        I gave her a threaded plastic tapestry needle and some plastic canvas the other day, and on its own it only held her attention for a minute or two, but then she decided the needle could be poked into holes on my sewing machine and serger and that was much more interesting.

  3. Stephen says:

    I love this post and the pictures of Hazel’s thumb.

  4. Acheté says:

    And in particular, west of Main Street. Four stick can also be woven, as I recall to a more fragile state. Trial and improvement is for kids; moms are supposed to be perfect and immutable in their knowledge of soil. Love the photos.

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