We had Mabel’s trimmed to get rid of all her split ends (which was about 3.5″ since it had been such a long time since her last trim) and the stylist also thinned her ends so they’ll hang nicely. Rose wanted a short, easy-care cut for summer, and she’s really happy with it. It looks even cuter than I was able to capture here.

Mabel and Rose also BOTH lost teeth on Sunday–Rose’s was a front bottom tooth, and Mabel’s was a molar. (The two girls’ birthdays are 13 days shy of 4 years apart.) Rose asked some pointed questions about the Tooth Fairy, and I gave some frank answers. Then Dean did his impersonation of the Tooth Fairy, which I would really love to have on film.

I never did get a really good photo of my new(ish) hair color, which is a shade or two darker than my natural color (or actually it’s the natural color of my darkest hair, near my nape) but as long as we were taking photos I decided to have Mabel snap one of me and tried to be satisfied with a medium-good photo. (It will be nice if I’m ever so free of vanity that I don’t make disclaimers about medium-good photos.)

I might go back to a blonder shade some time, because my gray roots, which grow SO fast, seem to blend better with a lighter color. But I do like this color.

Spring break is going pretty well. It’s extra work in some ways to have the kids home, plus I still have to do all my regular work (shucks) but I really do love having the kids around. I love it so much that I’m very, very tempted to home-school them, and I almost wish they didn’t have such fabulous teachers and good friends at school.

Speaking of education, here’s a little something I learned today: don’t let your daughter sit on your lap right after she’s had her hair cut. itch itch itch

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4 Responses to Snips

  1. Jason says:

    I love these snip-of-life entries. (Your hair color is very nice.)

  2. Kristina P. says:

    I love the shorter do. I wish my hair could look like that!

  3. zstitches says:

    For what it’s worth, I wrote this post right before I left for a dinner at BYU with Dean this evening, and when I got home I saw that the photos of Mabel’s haircut had somehow gotten deleted (probably in a last-minute edit before I left). So now they’re back.

  4. Mrs. Organic says:

    I love the new color, it’s very pretty. I know what you mean about the grays showing up earlier.

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