Write your passion

Isaac’s class has been studying poetry, and I knew he’d had an assignment to write a villanelle. To be funny I was planning to say, “I want to see your villanelle, because I’ve never seen a villanelle about Halo Reach before.” But I forgot my planned joke and instead just asked him, “So, what’s your villanelle about?” He looked down bashfully and admitted, “Video games.”

I’d love to share his poem with you, but I guess I should get the author’s permission first.

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3 Responses to Write your passion

  1. Jason says:

    Please do get his permission.

  2. Jason says:

    He has my permission to email me a copy. Remind him how kindly his granduncle Jason is, how interested in the talent of family, and how indulgent in the nascent expression of pipsqueaks.

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