Three Henry quotes

Sitting on my lap in Sacrament Meeting, Henry turned and whispered. “You know what, Mom? Rolie Polie Olie never goes to church.”

While I was making him a sandwich for his lunch today, he said, “You always remember the mayonnaise, so I’m not going to remind you anymore.” Glad to have finally earned his trust.

I was just showing Mabel some photos of Hazel a year ago, and Henry saw them and shouted, “She’s even CUTER!”

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12 Responses to Three Henry quotes

  1. Jason says:

    What a sweetheart!

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    That Rolie Polie Olie is such a rebel, except I like to think he goes to church – they just don’t show us.

  3. marymary says:

    I know Henry wasn’t born just to entertain me, but it’s kind of like he was.

    The Rolie Polie Olie one totally reminded me of Adam’s “It’s never Sunday in Star Wars” line.

  4. the MomB says:

    One more thing: Z hasn’t told you how smart she was today. I was talking to her on the phone when Henry came racing in to let her know that the video he was watching was SHOWING THE SAME PART OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!
    Zina: “And do you like it like that?”
    Henry: “YEAH!”

    • zstitches says:

      Ah, it’s funnier that way, but actually what was happening is that after the DVD would end it would loop back to the beginning. So it wasn’t a stretch for me to guess that he liked the endless loop. 🙂

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