Lucky duckies–stuff I won on the internet (and shared with my family)

I entered a few blog drawings and won some stuff, and since it was all stuff I liked, I’ve been meaning to put up a post to say thanks to the businesses who gave us the stuff.

A while ago it occurred to me that I could use Google to find good restaurants in my home town, not just while on vacation. So I found out about “Communal,” which had many glowing reviews.  Then I started noticing friends online talking about how good it was, and then Dean came home one day and said he’d gone there with colleagues for lunch and had liked it. I was jealous. And then I won a gift certificate to eat there.

It was very good. I didn’t care for the barley/sweet potato dish, but I should have remembered I don’t like sweet potatoes–and the barley seemed rubbery. Everything else was fabulous. I’ll definitely eat there again. It’s a little pricey, so we probably won’t try to take our ungrateful children, but it will be perfect for a fancy date. (I’ve heard some people go on fancy dates.)

(Trivia: I kept saying the restaurant’s name the French way, as “Comm-yoo-NAHL,” and that’s how Dean was saying it, too, but my sister was pretty sure it was pronounced the American way. So I asked Twitter, and not only did my friends know (it’s the American way) but someone from the restaurant immediately replied to my tweet. Good food AND fast tweets!)

I won two sets of ties for my guys from The Matching Tie Guy. I think this is a great product idea, and the ties are nicely made, attractive and reasonably priced. I had a really hard time deciding which ties to get, because I liked so many.

Then I had an even harder time getting photos of my guys in their ties (it’s been about a year since I won the ties). I snatched and cropped this photo from my sister’s blog:

Here’s the other set of ties. (Hazel’s doing her best to hide Dean’s.)

Bonus photo: red jumper, red tricycle.

If you look closely, you can see a lipstick stain on Isaac’s right shoulder here. His teacher and friends were asking him about it at church and he had no idea where it came from, and then our whole family was teasing him about it after church. He was baffled. Then it occurred to me to try hugging him and see what level my lips were at. Sure enough, I must have given him a hug before church and left the scarlet mark.

If the ties and gift certificate haven’t made you jealous, this one might: I won a family membership to Thanksgiving Point. I found out the day before Christmas, and it was as nice a surprise as if it had been wrapped under the tree. I like to take my family there anyway, and my kids are at a pretty good age to take places, so we’ll get good use from it. Maybe this year we’ll even make it there during tulip season (it’s a short season and a very busy time of year for us, so we keep missing it).

Even if we miss the tulips again, there are other fun things to do and nice things to see year-round. Most recently we took advantage of a day my kids had off from school and visited the dinosaur museum. My kids, including Isaac, spent ages building dams and rivers in the sand-and-water play area. Then we left the museum and headed to “Farm Country.”

We were thinking we wouldn’t let Hazel ride a pony because the ground was muddy that day, and we didn’t want to have to walk alongside her. The above photo shows how she felt about that.

Then we decided maybe she was big enough and the ponies were gentle enough that we should let her try it. That was a happy child. Isaac’s too big to ride, but all my other kids really enjoyed their pony rides.

So, there you have it. You should definitely win some stuff some time–I highly recommend it.

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16 Responses to Lucky duckies–stuff I won on the internet (and shared with my family)

  1. Kristina P. says:

    Is COmmunal worth the trip to Utah County?

    • zstitches says:

      I don’t know how to answer that question, knowing that you love the Golden Corral. (I love the Golden Corral, too.) Communal uses local foods as much as possible and it’s very gourmet, or “heirloom,” as they call it. I thought it was very good. But you can get larger volume, with more grease, for less money at the Golden Corral.

  2. Trina says:

    Too funny, but I won a giveaway from Matching Tie Guy too, and they were kind enough to extend the $ amount so I could get a tie for each of the boys and Guy. I ended up picking the orange ties as well. The boys are all wearing them in the pictures on our Christmas card this year.

    Also, I’m a teensie bit jealous about your Thanksgiving Point membership. That’s a really great win. Whenever I win something, I feel slightly more justified in the amount of time I spend online :-).

    • zstitches says:

      Great minds! I’m trying to remember whether I noticed the ties or not.

      I feel the same way about winning things, as long as I don’t do the math of cash value averaged over hours online. 🙂 Then I don’t come out quite so well.

  3. the MomB says:

    Enjoyed this post, especially the photos. Had not known about your wins.
    Today I won a pulled pork sandwich from 5*BBQ! (My win is good through March 11th.) I happened to be on fb when their trivia question came up, “How many microwaves does 5-Star have in their kitchen?” I guessed “none?” and I was right. Yum yum, 5* isn’t a high-end restaurant, but their food is fresh, made on the spot, and delicious (as you know; but maybe some of your readers don’t know).

  4. Erin says:

    I guess in order to win prizes on blogs, you have to actually be around enough to leave comments to win the prize. Right? One of these years I might actually get back on the computer to write more blog posts and comment on more blogs…

  5. Thora says:

    I was secretly hoping that you had won some pictures of ducks – then we could be regaled by lots of pictures of ducks for the next year(s?), like we loved the bunnies. I loved the bunnies (quick now, “the bunny, the bunny, oh I love the bunny….”). But I guess for you, at least, all these other things are actually better – especially that Thanksgiving Point membership – I love memberships to things; otherwise when visiting places, it never feels like my distracted semi-crazy three bouncy kid family is getting our money’s worth with just one visit.

  6. Robert says:

    I like this post and the ponies are cool and your children are beautiful. I miss you. 🙂 (z’s brother for anyone who needs clarity on that last part, lol)

  7. Robert says:

    Oh, and THANK YOU for the bonus photo.

  8. Helen says:

    I love the photos! Your writing is so clever and fun. I guess I never noticed the matching ties before. Don’t they look good on those handsome boys!

  9. Acheté says:

    I love all of your text and all of your pictures all of the time.

  10. Stephen says:

    I feel like a blog contest winner just being able to read your posts. I get impatient when they are not daily.

    Also, I noticed the ties on Mary’s blog. I love the matching ties idea.

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