Midway ice castles

It’s not like me to get around to posting about family activities, and especially not the day after the event, but I guess if flying unicorns really do exist, I can make a timely blog post. Now I want my unicorn ride.

I had never heard of the Midway ice castles (follow that link for more information) until a couple of days ago when I saw some photos on my friend’s blog, so the next day when my sister Lili wanted us all to go see them, I was in.

Do wear hat and gloves and boots and wool socks. I omitted the wool socks and my toes got very, very cold after about 40 minutes. They turn the lights on at 6:00 so it’s a good idea to come a little before sunset so you can see the ice in the twilight and then with the lights on. The whole area isn’t very large (I’d guess half an acre, not that I’m good at guessing) and I wouldn’t expect kids’ interest to last more than about 20-30 minutes, so other than driving time, this isn’t a really lengthy excursion. (It’s a pretty drive, though. Mabel was anxious to get there, and I told her and the rest of the kids to count the sunset drive through a snowy canyon as a delightful part of the whole experience.)

My maternal grandpa grew up on a farm in Midway, and it’s always strange to me to go there as a tourist. I wonder what he’d have thought of people flocking to see big ice structures in the middle of his little town.

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5 Responses to Midway ice castles

  1. Lesa says:

    That is way cool. I’m heading to my calendar – looks like a must-do. šŸ™‚

  2. I wish I lived back in Utah! My second wedding was in Midway, and it’s such a beautiful place anyway, but those ice castles are stunning! I’ve seen a few blogs posting about them and your pictures were the best. (Oh, and I love the one of you and your children all close together.) Looks so beautiful!

  3. Stephen says:

    Beautiful, beautiful pictures. The ice pictures were nice too.

  4. Amy S says:

    Last year the ice castles in Midway were at Zermatt resort where I photographed a wedding. It made for a fun backdrop, but my fingertips nearly froze to the camera! Pic here: https://www.facebook.com/album.php?id=104112689497&aid=153936#!/photo.php?fbid=323746359497&set=a.173086229497.153936.104112689497&theater

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