So, goals

I have a little bit of time to write a blog post. That is to stay, I’m stealing time from other things I need to get done.  But couldn’t any of us, whenever we take time for something non-essential, say that we’re stealing the time? One could feel angry that there isn’t enough time in life for even the essential things. I certainly tend to go through life raging at the necessity for sleeping and grooming. (Perhaps Dylan Thomas was also talking about reading blogs and Facebook when he said, “Rage, rage, against the dying of the light.”) But I’ve heard it said that not having enough time even for essential things is a blessing as we exercise our power of choice:

As I have attempted to establish priorities, I have learned that we may almost always have too much to do. As a mother at home with only two children, I have too much to do. How much greater the demands are for women who work outside the home or whose families are large or who are parenting their children alone! As I think about our time constraints, I conclude that God has not intended that we should be able to do everything we would like to do. If there were not more to do than we are individually capable of doing, we wouldn’t have to make choices and we would never realize what we value most. (Jeanne Inouye, Oct 1993 LDS General Relief Society Conference)

Getting back to my assertion that I can’t write blog posts without stealing time from other things, you’re probably about to counter me by pointing out that non-essential things are essential, too. And you would go on to say that, as much as we need to sleep and eat and work, we also need recreation, creativity, and fallow time. (This reminds me of the saying “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” which in turn reminds me of my own addition to the saying: “All play and no work makes Jack a selfish jerk.”) And this is all true, which is why I’m taking the time to write a blog post even though I also (always, always) have other things I’d like to accomplish, including some that seem quite urgent.

This still doesn’t even bring us to the topic of goals (well, but it does, really, by serendipity) nor does it resolve the even more important question of whether I should use this little slice of blogging time to write a malaprop post instead of writing thoughts about goals and resolutions and whether and how people really change.

I choose the latter. Sorry. I did warn you that I’d be exercising my right to bore you.

Now I have to go track down a study I heard about a while ago. And since that’s getting to be a pretty big block of text up there, I may as well hit “Publish,” and call this Part 1b of my goal series.

Rage, rage

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2 Responses to So, goals

  1. the MomB says:

    That is maybe my all-time favorite cartoon.
    You teaser, you. I shall be anxiously waiting for Part 2.
    Thank you, and love….

  2. Dad says:

    I made the mistake of laughing out loud at the cartoon in Helen’s presence, before I could hack into Helen’s e-mail and delete your letter.

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