Babies having babies

I collected a bunch of Baby Born Mini doll sets for Mabel when she was littler, and after a while she lost interest and wanted to get rid of them, but I persuaded her to give them to me. Today Rose found them, and Hazel, who’s already more interested in baby dolls than Mabel ever was, was completely enamored of them.

Here are someone’s eBay photos of sets very much like ours, except ours don’t have an Easter theme. The dolls are only 5″ tall.

When it was time for bed Hazel didn’t want us to put the dolls away, and even after we let her keep one out, she was furious that we took away the tiny bottles and pacifiers. Later tonight, I started telling my sister-in-law about this on Facebook, and went searching for images of the doll sets.  And I found this:

“My Mini Baby Born Maternity Set”

I had to stare at this for several seconds to convince myself that the baby on the bed was meant to have just given birth.  I thought she must be one of three just-delivered triplets, with the adults having stepped out of the room for a moment.  But I had to admit that no newborn would wear a face mask and lab coat while standing upright. (And what IS that in the tiny basinette?  A Baby Born Mini mini? Is the baby in the corner the father? In a bathrobe?)

This made me think of the wise words of Jack Handey: “I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not for our children’s children, because I don’t think children should be having sex.”

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16 Responses to Babies having babies

  1. the MomB says:

    Holy cow, I can’t stop laughing.
    And I love that Hazel loves those babies.

  2. Betsy Croft says:

    We laughed harder than we have in awhile over this one.

  3. Jen says:

    Don’t you think you’re a little young to be a grandma?

    Love it.

  4. Rachel says:

    What do you think the baby in the bathrobe’s role is in all of this?

  5. marymary says:

    Jemaine: Actually, Bret. When I think about your children, and your children’s children, I actually think your children are too young to be having children. And as far as your children’s children’s children, I think, you know, where does it stop? When the–When the children are having children, you know, it’s just–how small are they going to get? It’s going to be–
    Bret: Too small.
    Jemaine: Too small.
    Bret: Too small.
    Jemaine: Exactly.
    Bret: That’s one of the issues. And–
    Jemaine: It’s just going to get into this ridiculous Russian doll situation.
    Bret: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

  6. Hannah Holt says:

    Yikes! Who thinks up toys like these? Maybe I find it extra disturbing since I just came from hospital.

  7. Rachel Sue says:

    That is just slightly disturbing. Or a little more than slightly.

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