Deadly math

Mabel, with her math book open in front of her: “See, I TOLD you these people are evil. Listen to this: ‘Decimals can also help to answer questions like the following: How tall am I? Who is the tallest person in our class? How many people are injured by doors every year?‘ Are you kidding me? How many people are injured by doors?  Ouch!”  I say, “And how would decimals help with that?  Because only .25 of the person was injured?”

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5 Responses to Deadly math

  1. Megan says:

    Poor Mabel! That book sounds so patronizing.

  2. Jason says:

    I love math (and Mabel); that book stinks. How could decimals help know, How many people are injured by doors every year?

  3. the MomB says:

    Every year they count the number of people who are injured by doors. Then, you can google it (“injured by doors”) and find out (“over 133,000 every year”, just for starters). Somebody else does the counting, and no decimals are involved. A book that stupid could turn an intelligent child against math.

  4. Hannah says:

    If you write “133,000 people” in German you would have “133.000 Leute.” Many European countries use decimals for commas and commas for decimals.

    Also you could express the number of people injured by doors as a percentage of all people in America, which would be 0.042% of the population.

    Of course, the book obviously uses terrible examples. I’d like to know how decimals can answer the questions “WHO is the tallest person in your class?” Are students alloted numbers like books in the old Dewey Decimal system? I think the editor fell asleep before he/she reached this paragraph.

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