Another homework-inspired post

Rose is excited because tomorrow she’ll get one chocolate for each word with “ui” she brings in that the class hasn’t already thought of, and Mabel has given her “cruise,” “ruin,” “fruit,” and “bruise.”  Rose says, “I’m going to eat my chocolates in front of the whole class!”

Dean suggested “pituitary.” She decided not to use it since it was too long.  But Dean went ahead and made up a song about it:

“Pituitary, it contains ‘u’ and ‘i.’  Pituitary, it’s a gland in your neck.”

Speaking of Dean’s musical forays, last night he was reminding us about a one-line “pirate song” he made up a long time ago:  “Sinbad was a pirate clown, ’cause he made the other pirates laugh.”  Mabel hated the song, so he would sing it especially for her.

(I got this image here, although it appears they got it elsewhere.)

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One Response to Another homework-inspired post

  1. Jason says:

    I will know now to take it easier on your kidlings; they’re getting full doses at home.

    I knew I loved Dean. 🙂

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