Here’s Rose wearing the jumper that took nearly three times as long as it should have to finish after I cut into the lining by mistake and had to repair it.  I did finish it last Friday, but didn’t get photos until today (which must be a record–usually I get photos right away) because since this coordinates with one I made for Mabel, I wanted photos of the girls together, which turned out to be as easy as pulling teeth.  (Is pulling teeth so very difficult?  I do know, from listening to Dean’s endless negotiations with my kids when they have loose teeth, that trying to talk a kid into letting you give the final yank to a loose tooth is very difficult.)

I still don’t have photos of Mabel and Rose in their jumpers together (but have been promised the chance for them this afternoon after school, so expect more photos later) but I did manage to snap these of Rose this morning while Mabel complained about how I was taking too many, and it was taking too long, and I could only take ONE more, and it was time for them to leave, and I was making them late for school.  (It was not yet time to leave, and they were not late for school.)

The jumper is from Ottobre 1/2007, design 19. I adapted the pattern to look like design 35 from 03/2008.  I would have just used the same pattern, but it turned out not to go down to Rose’s size, even though the girls are just 2 Ottobre sizes apart.

(I just noticed that the girl in the magazine looks a lot like Rose.)

(P.S. For what it’s worth, I just discovered that the “ZoomBrowserEX” software that comes with a Canon PowerShot has a better red-eye correction tool than the one in Picasa.  And since I use IrfanView to crop and resize, that means I used three photo programs in editing these snapshots. Even without using Photoshop.  My brother says I need to get LightRoom.  But maybe first I need a fancy DSLR like all the cool bloggers have.  And then some photography skills.  But probably I just need  nap.)

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One Response to Vivacious

  1. Lili says:

    Yep. Lightroom is great. So are the jumpers 🙂

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