Sometimes you have to hurry and write a blog post before you fall back asleep

I just wrote some pretty decent dialog in my sleep:

Boy to girl: “So, there’s this boy, and he really likes this girl . . . ”
Girl: “These kinds of conversations always end badly. You’re going to have to be specific about who this boy and girl are.”
Boy: “Oh. Okay. Well, the boy . . . that’s me. And the girl is you.”

I can’t remember the rest of the conversation. Also I guess it’s funny that the characters in the scene are a nameless “boy” and “girl,” but I really don’t remember who they were. But later the girl wanted to change her clothes and people kept walking into the room while she was trying to change, so it was probably some version of me. Some single, young, witty, confident version of me.

I was awakened by Isaac telling Rose: “Come back! You CAN’T skip. You have to go past there.” And then a couple minutes later I heard Rose running to her room, crying. Monopoly is such an important game for teaching kids how horrible and cruel life really is.

Mabel has just come downstairs to tell me that we HAVE to get ready for church and that Rose is sick and coughing on everyone and that Mabel keeps telling everyone they need to get ready and no one will listen to her because she’s not the mother, and it wasn’t Monopoly, it was Minotaurus, which is a Lego game and is totally different.

I had planned to write an extended metaphor about how people thinking they can skip Park Place is what made the real estate market crash, but the metaphor probably wouldn’t have worked anyway if it’s the taxpayers who end up paying, and anyway Mabel’s right, apparently I am the mom and should go help the kids get ready for church. (If I’m lucky maybe I can even get some breakfast.)

Sometimes you have to hurry and write a blog post before your children find you.

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2 Responses to Sometimes you have to hurry and write a blog post before you fall back asleep

  1. Anneke says:

    Judging from the anxiety dream qualities, the girl could very well have been me. Though now I’m more distressed than ever that I don’t know who the boy is.

  2. Betty Lou says:

    Hey, I remembered my long forgotten PIN in my sleep last night. Our brains do important work at night! 😉

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