Why you shouldn’t sew while sleepy

(But if you shouldn’t sew while sleepy, I can never sew until a) my stupid cold finally goes away, and b) my kids are all grown.)

Just now I was using a rotary cutter to trim the seam allowances on a nearly-finished top for Rose, and suddenly realized the cutter was going through more than just the seam allowance. I lifted my work and saw a deep double gash in the fabric. A feral sound of fear and grief came out of my mouth.

But I was lucky. The four-inch-long double horizontal gash was only in the lining fabric of the bodice, not on any part of the garment that will show when it’s being worn.

I thought I’d better just get back up on that horse, so I started to repair the gash. But I couldn’t get the interfacing patch to adhere properly, and then I couldn’t get the top and bottom tensions on the zigzag stitch to balance. So I ripped out the partial mending job, and decided that horse can wait until tomorrow to be tamed.

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4 Responses to Why you shouldn’t sew while sleepy

  1. Jillybean says:

    I was sewing while drowsy the other night and finally decided to go to bed when I sewed the bodice front to the bodice back at the waistline.

  2. Acheté says:

    Loving the horsebunnies of the apocalypse. Do the “operate heavy machinery” warnings apply to sewing machines?

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