Way too smart (a post in which I brag about my baby)

Hazel will be 22 months old the day after Christmas, and she’s hoping to have figured out how to sew by then.  Today she practiced by carefully sticking pins into any recessed areas she could find on my serger.  I didn’t want to stop her since it was so cute and she was so happy about it, but I hope she didn’t get any pins into the mechanism.  She also removed the thread cones, inverted them, and carefully dropped pins into them.

Hazel had a fever on Thanksgiving and was feeling pretty lethargic, poor baby.

Then she seemed to be gradually getting better, until Dean spotted goop coming out of her ear on Sunday, and a trip to Urgent Care showed her eardrum had ruptured (it should heal in 3-4 weeks).  Now she’s on Amoxicillin and much improved–but STILL has a runny nose.

With my sister Lili on Thanksgiving

Hazel also loves nothing more than to help cook, clean, or do laundry.  Yesterday I had to remember to go back and retrieve two pairs of Henry’s pants she’d insisted on putting in her dresser.  Today she was thrilled when I let her hand me clean dishes from the dishwasher  for me to put away, and furious later when I would only let her put dirty dishes into the dishwasher.  (It’s very hard to explain the difference between clean and dirty dishes to a toddler, but I think she finally caught on.) And nothing makes her angrier than when anyone takes away a washcloth, dish cloth, tissue, or diaper wipe.

(If only I could combine Hazel’s attitude about housework with Mabel’s skill set.)

Looking at the date on this photo, I was surprised that it was taken only a month and a half ago.  I’d already forgotten to be grateful for our long, balmy autumn this year.

Today I sang Hazel the alphabet song, and when I got to the letter “P” she started giggling.  It only took me a second to figure out that was because Rose and Henry have taught her that “pee” is a naughty, vulgar word–which means it is a very funny word.

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7 Responses to Way too smart (a post in which I brag about my baby)

  1. Rachel Sue says:

    Isn’t it funny, that when they are so little doing something like putting pins in a surger is smart and adorable, but when they get just a little bit older, we scream and yell when they do something like that? Just my experience at least. . . 🙂

    • zstitches says:

      Yeah . . . and I’m afraid my response has as much to do with whether or not I’m at the end of my tether as with the age and cuteness of the child.

      Of course, by a certain age a kid should know better–one would think.

  2. Jillybean says:

    There’s something wrong with my serger, do you think Hazel could come over and fix it for me?

  3. Aunt Ginger says:

    I can think of a whole pile of appropriate gifts for Hazel’s Christmas. Dustpan, mop, pail, duster, toilet brush, well you get the Drift–yeah that too.


  4. Virginia Wood says:

    And no, that was not an addition to your collection of misused words and spellings. . I’m pretty sure that you can pull Dreft out of that last posting 🙂

  5. Jennette says:

    Oh, she’s so stinkin’ cute! (Even when not feeling 100%) I just love that age, but they can be little menaces.

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