It’s cold and dark here in my mind

I caught a ruthless cold and sore throat on Monday that, if it follows the pattern it has in Dean and Hazel, is going to stick around for a while.  I’ve been trying to get extra rest in the mornings by napping while Hazel naps and Henry watches videos or plays games on the computer.  I do hate for Henry to be having so much screen time, but I hope it will be worth it if it gets him a healthy mommy sooner.

Today I woke up thinking my brother was in the kitchen getting out pots and pans and talking to Henry.  (Maybe Henry’s game had clanking sounds.)  Spencer, you’re always welcome to come cook in my kitchen, but I do like for you to ring the doorbell or knock so I can greet you.

I also dreamed that Dean and I had to move all of our belongings into a tiny, dark studio apartment.  I was pretty sure that with some effort we could fit our stuff in there, but didn’t know what I would do about the lack of daylight, so I wanted to cut big new holes for windows.  (Winter, you are getting into my nightmares.)

Also I dreamed I was able to have one last baby, and was disappointed to have a boy. OH, DEAR.  My two real-life boys are each a great delight (except when one of them is cranky after having played too many clanky games on so my only-subconsciously-acknowledged preference for girl babies is almost certainly based on my love of sewing baby girl things.  And it does not take into account the raging synchronized hormone cycles that will be hitting our home in just a few years.    I should be terrified of girl babies.  (Mostly I just love both kinds of babies, dreams and nightmares notwithstanding.)

When I did get up from my nap, the sun was out.  I’m going to put on my bikini and go lay out in my front yard.  Or knock some big holes in my walls.

I also found a bottle of whole black peppercorns on my computer desk.  It resembles a bottle of chocolate cupcake sprinkles we used to have before the kids ate them all.

Henry and Hazel each had a few semi-sweet chocolate chips with their lunch.  They don’t know better.  I buy the semi-sweet ones because Dean thinks milk chocolate chip cookies are too sweet, and I always imagine the chocolate chips will be used for baking.

Henry said the blessing before his and Hazel’s lunch and said, “We thank Thee that Jesus told us to be good, and to have nice babies like our one is.”  AMEN.

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5 Responses to It’s cold and dark here in my mind

  1. Stephen says:

    I’m so enamored of Henry’s sweet prayers.

  2. Kristina P. says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

  3. Hannah says:

    Yes, feel better soon! I also feel guilty about letting my boys have too much screen time, but I’m sure they’ll get quite a lot next year. “Good parenting” vs. survival: survival always wins.

  4. Mrs. Organic says:

    Bikini in the front yard? It must’ve hit at least 38, you should just go for maximum Vitamin D exposure and put on your birthday suit.

  5. the MomB says:

    What your mom said, Amen, Henry, Amen.

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