And then I told the world about it on my blog

I’d been lucky to escape Dean’s and Hazel’s long-lasting, miserable virus until today.  Now I too am miserable.  But I braved the cold and the icy roads to make a run to the corner drugstore for needed supplies.  As a mature mother of five, I know I shouldn’t feel embarrassed about buying a bunch of feminine sanitary products,  but I was still rather wishing I could be invisible as I approached the lone register with its solitary male employee. Just then I glanced up and saw a sign with the store’s slogan:  “With us, it’s personal.”

This did not make me feel better.

It’s a lousy slogan no matter what you’re selling, unless you are a mafia don.  Better would be, “Don’t worry! At Rite-Aid, we’ll avoid eye contact.”

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6 Responses to And then I told the world about it on my blog

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I’m sorry you are feeling miserable. And have to buy lady part stuff.

  2. Rachel Sue says:

    Somehow it is just easier when the lady products are buried amongst a mountain of groceries and not quite so obvious.

  3. Hannah Holt says:

    LOL. Seriously bad slogan.

  4. Thora says:

    I remember when I bought feminine hygeine products in Egypt, the pharmacy had you tell the clerk what you wanted, and they fetched it for you. Umm, not so much when it “personal” – and they’re male. (And you don’t know the name of them). I think this should definitely be the new Rite – Aid slogan.

    • zstitches says:

      Interesting. I can’t remember having to jump through that hoop in Jordan, but I’m not sure whether that’s because you could get supplies in large Western-style grocery stores, or if it’s just that I was pregnant for most of my time in Amman.

      I do remember Dean’s Arabic being tested by having to ask for an embarrassing product at a pharmacy, and I was proud of myself because when the pharmacist raised his eyebrows slightly to indicate they didn’t have that product, I figured out the guy was saying “No” before Dean did. (Not that I ever learned more than a few words and phrases, but I guess working with school kids taught me all about nonverbal ways to say no.)

  5. Amy S says:

    Hilarious! Not the part about you having to go out in the cold . . . but the slogan part. 😉

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