Some Halloween and sewing pics

Just before 6 PM the cats-and-dogs deluge stopped and Halloween wasn’t ruined, after all.

(I was just staring at this photo wondering how it could have been so light at 6 PM, until I remembered that was back when we were still in Daylight Savings time, before the Dark Days.)

Usually I take the kids trick-or-treating, but I was feeling sick, so Dean got the assignment.  He wanted to leave Hazel home and thought she wouldn’t know the difference, but I insisted he take her to at least a few doors.

She knew the difference.  She eagerly tried to say “Trick-or-treat” and “Thank you.”  Dean ended up to taking her to a few more than just a few doors.  When he brought her home and she realized the fun was over she was MAD–at least until I managed to distract her with her new candy stash.

I posted the other kids’ costumes earlier, but Mabel’s wasn’t complete until a couple of days before Halloween.  Her tunic was a dress my sister Mary made for her daughter a couple of years ago, and Mary made the necklace for an ewok costume.  Mary also gave us the trim to make Mabel’s headband, and there was enough of the original fabric left for me to make matching pants.

The fabric actually started its journey through my family when I bought it at an outlet in the Bay Area almost a decade ago.  When I couldn’t decide what to make with it, I eventually passed it on to Mary, and she used it for more than one costume before giving me back the last of it.  It’s these kinds of happenings that make it hard to thin down one’s (enormous, overflowing) fabric stash.  Sometimes things really do turn out to be useful.

Speaking of hoarding, my first plan for the pants pattern was to use an Ottobre pattern, but I couldn’t find a simple elastic-waist pant that wasn’t intended for a knit fabric, and anyway I didn’t feel like doing the tracing.  I really don’t have any “Big 3” (McCall’s/Butterick/Simplicity) patterns in Mabel’s current size, but then I remembered I’d had some patterns to fit Ike when he was near her age, and I found something perfect.  Then I had to really force myself to just cut the pattern to her size instead of tracing it.  (I might need those other two sizes someday.)  (This concludes your glimpse into the mind of a sewing-supplies hoarder.)

Finally, here’s a top I made for myself a few weeks ago and have already worn a couple of times.  The fit on the bodice and sleeves is just meh (which you could see better if I put up a larger picture, which I’m not going to do) but I love the color, the drape of the tencel fabric, and the handkerchief hem.

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4 Responses to Some Halloween and sewing pics

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I really wish I had your sewing abilities.

  2. Jillybean says:

    I love your top, it looks great! I never sew for myself.

    I think we should compare fabric stashes. I think I would probably win, however, I did just have a 50 yard bolt of fabric delivered to my door yesterday.

    I once heard that “She who dies with the most fabric, wins”

  3. rowenasews says:

    I love the shirt, especially the handkerchief bottom, too!

  4. Helen Hall says:

    Very pretty outfit and model!

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