I’ll see really big dark circles under my eyes

[Most of the names below have been changed.]

I just gave Mabel and her friend B. a ride from school to their friend J.’s house for a Halloween party.

Before I drove away, J.’s mom said, “Thanks for giving them a ride.  So do you live right over that way?”

“Yeah.  I live in the Meadowbrook Stake, right on the other side of [street].”

“Oh, so you’re near Jen?”

“Jen . . . Jen who?”

“Jen White.”

“I think she’s in my stake.  We live by the Williamsons.”

“Oh, so you’re near Mabel.”

Blink.  “Yeah.  I’m Mabel’s mom.”

“Oh!  You’re Mabel’s mom.  So you do live near Mabel.”

(In all fairness, Mabel’s friend B. probably looks more like she could be my daughter than Mabel does.  It’s when you hear Mabel and me talk that you notice our resemblance.)

Yesterday I was ready for Halloween to be over already.  I’ve been under the weather, and there are far too many activities keeping us running around, while too many important but non-Halloween tasks don’t get done.  But today when I picked up Mabel and saw all the cute school kids in their cute costumes on a beautiful fall day, I cheered up.  And Mabel was ecstatic, since she’d thought she wouldn’t be having a class Halloween party, but they did and it was the Best! Party! Ever!

They had a Halloween quiz, and she tied for the highest score.  She said, “I’m so proud of Grandma!  One of the questions–it was a multiple choice question, and it asked what you’re supposed to see in the mirror if you look in it on Halloween night, and the answers were Bloody Mary, or your future spouse, or the Werewolf, or your deceased ancestors, and I was about to say Bloody Mary, but then I thought, ‘Wait a second!’ and I remembered looking at Grandma’s vintage Halloween cards.  So I put ‘your future spouse,’ and I’m pretty sure I was the only one who guessed that.”

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5 Responses to I’ll see really big dark circles under my eyes

  1. Helen Hall says:

    Wow! I love those cards, especially the last one, and that Mabel remembered them!

  2. the MomB says:

    Go Mabel! Go me! Go DZ!

  3. I would like to know exactly what Mabel did at her halloween class party. I was in charge of a 6th grade class party yesterday, and it didn’t turn out well. It was disappointing since I spent hours and hours on it. I will probably avoid signing up for this sort of thing in the future but please ask Mabel to clue me in: what makes a class party great?

    • zstitches says:

      I’ll have to ask her. I should probably be taking notes, too, since I think I’d like to do some of that sort of thing once I don’t have little ones at home. (I’ve never seen the point of getting a babysitter to replace my job at home so I can go do a job elsewhere, so I’ve very rarely volunteered in my kids’ classes. I did get to go to Mabel’s KG class once a week for a few months because Mabel’s teacher didn’t mind me bringing toddler Rose. And right now a friend and I take turns watching our younger kids while the other one spends an hour helping in our 1st graders’ classroom, which is great, but we didn’t sign up to do any class parties.)

      I do think it’s possible that 6th graders are more jaded than 5th graders–and that 5th graders who thought they wouldn’t be having any party at all are especially appreciative.

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