I quite agree

I was just looking up Isaac’s school’s phone number to call him in sick.  (Sadly, if he’s too sick to go to school, he’s probably also too sick to take care of Henry and Hazel all day.)  At his school’s homepage, I saw this:

“Schools need to be places where a student will have contact with older people who have vital lives of their own, and who are themselves authentic human beings.”

So true.  Authentic human beings make much better role models than robots or monkeys.  Really, almost any form of counterfeit human being is going to have some deficiencies as a role model.

Bunnies are not known for their table manners.  And R2D2 never makes his bed.

(Also, who knew I would get to re-use this illustration so soon?)

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3 Responses to I quite agree

  1. Stephen says:

    So true, so true. I always want to ask, “WHO comes up with this stuff?!”. More likely the question should be, “why doesn’t anybody catch it”? (Well, obviously it does get caught. But why not by someone in a position to do something about it?)

    I’ve wanted, for years, to send you an mp3, a recording of an ordinary day’s commentary from our local (read provincial) radio station. It’s incredible. Yet I am compelled to listen much like I’m (I’m pretty sure this is a Huntington trait) compelled to sniff something malodorous. For example: did you know that Toni Braxton has had to cancel some concert engagements because of “angelina”?

  2. Kristy says:

    You are just asking for a comment from someone who was raised by robots and/or monkeys and thinks you’re wrong (o:

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