Just checking to see if my blog is still here

While looking at a plastic makeup set at the dollar store, Rose said, “I would pick this out if I was getting a present for . . . myself.”

I felt more cheerful after two hours of ironing today than I had felt after my two-hour nap earlier, which goes to show that life is full of surprises (which is a fact that continues to surprise me).  But then again, without the nap I couldn’t have done the ironing.  Also, I’m not sure naps really count when you keep being awakened by your 4-year-old trying to get you to put a DVD on for him, and you’re trying to teach him how to use the remote control by himself.  He was a quick study, which bodes well for future naps (if I ever dare to take one again) but he did have to keep getting more instruction every 5 minutes or so.

Today Mabel asked to take a nap instead of doing her chores, because she said all day she’d been having a hard time keeping her eyes open.  I was about to say yes, when Isaac asked her if she’d been up late reading, and she sheepishly admitted that she had.  So I was about to say no, but then remembered that I’d been up too late last night, and had taken a nap this morning.  So I let her.  She liked it.  Kids aren’t supposed to like naps.  My little girl is growing up too fast.  (Then again, kids are supposed to hate chores, so it’s all relative.)

Mabel said that today when she was giving her book report, she started rambling on and on, “but the kids really were paying attention and seemed interested,” but finally “after about a half an hour” her teacher politely asked her if she thought she could wrap it up.  Mabel finished quickly and returned to her seat with bright red cheeks, and felt even worse when there was only time left for one other kid to do a book report.  Mabel asked me if I’d ever gone on and on talking without meaning to.

Oh, yes, my daughter.  Apple, meet the tree.

Our ward’s Primary Children’s Sacrament Meeting Presentation (I just counted and that’s FOURTEEN syllables) is on this coming Sunday, and this evening the Primary President and I photocopied our program onto 200 pre-printed program covers, then folded them and stuck a separate insert inside.  We then noticed that the outside of the folders said, “I Know My Savior Lives,” whereas we had our program title on the inside as “I Know My Savior Loves Me.”  Since the yearly theme is the same churchwide, this meant we must have gotten the name of our program wrong.  We’d worked so hard to make sure all the children’s names were spelled right, and deliberated over other details.  I doubt anyone will even notice (except you, now that I’ve pointed it out to you) but this still really amuses me.

Of course, it doesn’t matter:  He does live, and He does love us.

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4 Responses to Just checking to see if my blog is still here

  1. LisAway says:

    That is a lovely mistake there.

    And naps that are interrupted every five minutes are far worse than no nap at all, in my opinion. Though sometimes you have to take them anyway.

    How cute about the book report. What mother doesn’t want her child to get over-excited while talking about a book? And in Poland they don’t even do book reports. Weird, huh?

    • zstitches says:

      I think Mabel’s teacher likes it that Mabel gets excited about books, and waited as long as she could before she cut her off (I also doubt it was really half an hour). And Mabel said that the kids are all excited to read that book, now. If I wrote a book I’d love to have Mabel help with publicity.

  2. Lili says:

    On the Rose story: I remember leaving notes around the house that said things like “I think a surprise party would be a neat thing. If I had a surprise party, I would want to invite… and then list the friends I would invite.” (It never worked. My first and only surprise party came at age 25, long after giving up on ever having one–and that’s just fine with me!)

    And lol on the Mabel story, too–where did you find that illustration!?

  3. Lili says:

    my finishing quotations are in the wrong place. You’re a smart cookie, I’m sure you can figure out where I meant to put them.

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