I just said some stuff over there, so now I will say it over here

I just left this comment over at Kacy’s blog, and if I re-post my comment here, you will get to see some of the fun things that have been keeping me from spending quality time with my blog.  (And, bonus, you will not have to see the not-fun things that have also been keeping me away.  Like laundry. I’d rather you not see my laundry.  And you don’t want to see it, either.  Win/win.)

*Now* I have read this fabulous post. And it was fabulous.

And I am NOT going to let my kids read it. But I *might* copy you next Yooweeyay.

Dean doesn’t get/take UEA off, either, so we were in similar shoes, and we actually had a similarly fabulous weekend, even if my 6-year-old hasn’t forgiven me for not taking her to a corn maze. (It would have been very crowded, so I told her we could go another time. But probably I will forget and then it will snow.) Thursday we went to a playground and then a craft store, where I told the kids I’d buy them each $4 worth of loot. (They chose Silly Bandz and Japanese erasers. That must be their idea of craft supplies.) Friday we went to the (very crowded) Living Planet Aquarium in Sandy with cousins, and Saturday we hiked the Timpooneke trail to Scout Falls and then went for an early dinner at the Golden Corral.

Wow, reading all that, I realize that Rose (the 6yo) really should forgive me.

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One Response to I just said some stuff over there, so now I will say it over here

  1. Kacy says:

    You did a LOT. No guilt.

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