What kind of 6-year-old do you think I am, anyway?

It seems it’s cute-kid-quote month at the ol’ blog.  I have ambitions to do more here–some time–but I guess I have even higher-priority extra-blog ambitions that keep knocking blog tasks like writing malaprop posts or documenting family vacations so far down the list they may never surface.  So, for now it’s still kid-quotes galore.

Henry told us, “Kai-lan speaks Spanish.  I mean, Kai-Lan speaks Chinese food.”

I asked Rose what kind of man she wanted to marry when she grew up.  She said, “Matthew*!”  “Oh. You mean Matthew Christensen?”  Matthew recently moved to our neighborhood and is in both her church class and her first grade class.  I had been unaware of a romantic attachment. “Yes, Matthew Christensen!”

A couple days later I had to know more.  “So, what is it that you like about Matthew?”  “Well, he’s funny.  And he’s sort of new-ish.”

The next day I asked, “Does Matthew know you like him?”  “Sort of, but not exactly.”  “He’s your friend, but he doesn’t know you have a crush on him?” “Right.” “But you do have a crush on him?”  “Yes, I DO have a crush on him.”  (This last sentence was said in a “Duh, Mom!” tone of voice.)

*Name has been changed.

After reading a post at Segullah that mentioned thumb-sucking, I asked Rose, “Do you ever suck your thumb at school?”  She said, “No!  I would never suck my thumb at school!  Why did you ask me that?  Why would you even think that?  Of course I wouldn’t suck my thumb at school. That would be so embarrassing.  Like, we would be doing math, and the teacher would stop, and all the kids would look at me.  It would be like if I farted!”

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5 Responses to What kind of 6-year-old do you think I am, anyway?

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I am sure Matthew will be thrilled!

  2. Hannah says:

    So is this Rose’s first crush? Do girls get first crushes before boys? This is a whole new area a kid-ness to me.

  3. Megan says:

    “It would be like if I farted!”

    Cracks me up!

  4. Cheryl says:

    My daughter too had her first crush in kindergarten, when he moved away she lamented “now who am I going to marry?”

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