Henry teaches about arms and legs

While hiking today, Henry said, “My legs are killing me!  Just like Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story 2.”

Later this evening, eating a drumstick, he said, “I found a bone in here!  I think it’s a dinosaur bone.”

Dean said, “Maybe it’s a chicken bone.”

Henry considered this.  “If I saw a dinosaur that was missing its arm, I would put that chicken bone there.”

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4 Responses to Henry teaches about arms and legs

  1. Helen Hall says:

    Grandpa and I really laughed at that. And I quote, “Quite the original thinker!”

  2. Acheté says:

    That Henry is a clever and funny child.

    Nice use of the bunnies. And I think Ryan North would be proud of this use of T. Rex (from Dinosaur Comics).

  3. the MomB says:

    I asked Henry last night if he would draw me a picture of a dinosaur with chicken bones. He did a double take, gave me a weird look, and shook his head (quickly and briefly). “I’ll draw some dinosaurs, but [knits brow] I won’t draw them with chicken bones.”

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