Things that make you feel like a success in life

Highlights from hide-and-seek tonight:

Rose hid in the toy cupboard.  She gave herself away when she mistakenly thought she was the last to be found.

Mabel hid in the kitchen cupboard.  She gave herself away by accidentally knocking her elbow against the door.  She did say her “silver spoon” strategy worked:  you hold a spoon against your face to keep you cool.

Henry hid in a laundry basket and Mabel covered him with clothes.  Isaac didn’t find him until he’d walked past twice and we sent him back into the room.

And I owned the game:  I put a stepladder in the back of my closet, squatted on its top step, and hung a long bathrobe in front of me.  After Isaac checked the closet once I had to whistle to get him to check again, and he still didn’t see me.  He found me on the third try, when I couldn’t hold my giggles back anymore.

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7 Responses to Things that make you feel like a success in life

  1. Kristina P. says:

    That sounds like the coolest hide n seek ever.

  2. christina says:

    i liked to hide in the dryer, but every time i say that, people seem scandalized and concerned for my safety (though i am not currently hiding in a dryer and am obviously doing just fine). the clothes hamper was also a particular favorite. once, when we were playing flashlight hide and seek, my dad just sat on the couch and he was the last one to be found.

  3. Jillybean says:

    I’ve often thought about creating a spot in my closet where I can hide from the children.

  4. Cheryl says:

    Love a good game of hide and seek. A cousin of mine used to hide in the dryer or was it the washing machine?

    My nieces and nephew played it once when I was babysitting them, the smallest niece just used to hide where ever the last person was found. As a result she was the seeker for every second game, the others just went to that spot first. She was getting a little cranky so I emptied a storage bag and put her inside it. The other kids circled the house many times, each time walking by the bag, eventually her giggles found her out.

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