October, month of rainbows and bizarre coincidences

If you read the comments on the last post, then you saw my friend telling me that without knowing it, I had posted a photo of HER HOUSE.

The uncropped photo

This was completely inadvertent and unintentional.  Here’s what happened:

After I finished writing about last night’s rainbow, I went looking through my Picasa folders because I knew I had a photo of a different rainbow in there somewhere.  It took me a lot of scrolling before I finally found the photos I was looking for, which turned out to be from almost a year ago.  I told Dean, “I didn’t realize that October is Utah’s best month for rainbows.”  I had taken the photos from the car window on our way to my sister’s pumpkin carving party on October 30th .  By another coincidence, Dean had taken a different route than we usually drive that evening.

Another shot taken on the way to the party

My friend and her husband lived in Berkeley when Dean and I did (and my family and her in-laws’ family go way back) but since we both moved to this town, we’ve only been in touch via blogs and facebook and email, so I didn’t recognize her house.

Right after I put up that photo last night, I found some better rainbow photos from October 14th last year.  I almost replaced the photo I had first posted, but it was late and I was tired so I decided just to leave well enough alone.

Here’s another coincidence:  this is the house of the neighbor who lives catty-corner to us.  The husband works in Dean’s department at BYU, but we didn’t know where he lived when we made our offer on our house.

And here’s a story about that neighbor:  at a department dinner, Dean told the other people at our table, “If I were stranded on an island and could have just one person with me, I would choose Larry.”  I looked up, startled.  Dean finished, “Because Larry would get us off that island.”

The other side of the rainbow

I just realized I have a coincidence story about these other neighbors, too.  Their son was called on a mission that now overlaps with part of the area where I served my mission, AND he served in a town where my brother lived when he did his postdoctorate in Switzerland, and Chris met and became friends with an LDS family there that my family had met and become friends with when we had visited Tracy there.

Several months after his mission, Chris came up to me at church and said, “How do you know Andy Hall?” He’d seen me posting on Andy’s facebook page.  Andy is my brother, and lived in the French house at BYU just like Chris did.


Well, I only put Henry and Hazel down for naps 45 minutes ago and I think they just barely fell asleep, but I need to go wake them up because I need to get to a Primary meeting.  Wish me luck.  With all these rainbows and coincidences, I ought to have some luck stored up.  And I’m really going to need all of it, because after the Primary meeting I’m driving carpool and THEN I’m taking all the kids for flu shots.

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13 Responses to October, month of rainbows and bizarre coincidences

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  2. Speaking of bizarre coincidences, I had a dream a couple weeks ago that I went into a antique shop or something like that and it actually turned out to be your house and you and your family all lived there. Which is strange of course because I’ve never met any of you nor do I have any interest in antiques. Weird, huh?

    • zstitches says:

      Okay, the funny thing here is that my mom actually collects vintage dishes, vintage paper ephemera (greeting cards, etc.) and some other things such as toys from the era of my and my siblings’ childhood. She knows her stuff and has a collection that would rival that of some types of antique shops.

      Also my house is as cluttered and dusty as some antique shops. Also I myself am vintage-heading-toward-antique.

      Maybe your subconscious was inspired by the vintage illustrations I sometimes use on my blog posts.

  3. Megan says:

    Flu shots are never fun.

    • zstitches says:

      Even without the kid-wrangling challenges (fortunately Dean held Rose during her shot–she was the most panicked of the kids although none of them was happy about it) my sore arm kept me from sleeping well last night. Fortunately by today I’m not noticing it much.

  4. Lili says:

    A thoroughly entertaining post (and comments)

    I loved the bit about Dean and the remote island choice

  5. OhSusanna says:

    And I’m all caught up!!!

    But it’s kind of like when you are behind in a really good series and anxious to catch up because people keep posting spoilers but then when you finally do you’re like “Oh. There’s no more. How sad and empty my life feels now.”

  6. I love OhSusanna’s comment. That really sums up how it is to find yourself current on a great blog you’ve been behind on. Wait! There’s not more?

  7. christina says:

    you and dean were in my dream. dean was teaching me and my brother gregory how to properly throw a frisbee. i don’t know why this would be … but it was awesome …

  8. Jen says:

    That makes three Andrew Halls of my acquaintance or distant knowledge.

    • zstitches says:

      Two. 🙂 My brother’s an Anthony, but my mom wasn’t fond of the name Tony so she planned to call him Andy.

      • the MomB says:

        Actually, I’m very fond of the nickname Tony. At the time (and still), I thought Andy was a better nickname for our Anthony. But now if I call him Tony (which I have been known to do) he doesn’t like it.

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