Dress rehearsal

Tonight we pulled out all the costumes from storage and got everything assembled for Halloween, except for Mabel’s costume which still needs to be made.

Five kids trying on costumes make almost more noise and mess and commotion than I can stand.  I actually worked up a sweat trying to help them and tame them.

I did not succeed in taming them.  Mabel was especially unruly after she found out I wasn’t planning to work on her costume tonight. (She wore Ike’s old cactus costume just for these photos.)

Once they had the costumes on, I figured I’d get some photos while I had the chance.

These are all costumes my kids have talked me into making for them in previous years.  I don’t even like Halloween sewing, mostly because it takes away time from “real” sewing, but I do love handmade costumes, especially when they are well-designed and sturdy enough to be worn for many years.

The costume Hazel’s wearing here is my all-time favorite.  Dean helped me design it as a beetle costume when Ike was a toddler, and the extra hands were Dean’s brilliant idea.  My brilliant idea was to make the green beetle wings detachable, so that I could replace them with ladybug wings if I ever had any daughters.

All of my kids have resisted when we first tried to put this costume on them, and each of them within a short time has loved the costume and hammed for the camera.  I guess no toddler can resist basking in the utter adoration this costume summons.

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11 Responses to Dress rehearsal

  1. Jason says:

    Love love love the Hazelbug.

  2. Lili says:

    (Princess puppy, eh? Clever) 😉

  3. Acheté says:

    That Hazel. And that costume. Summoner of adoration is right.

    Depending on her era and politics, a Dalmatian princess could have her castle in Samora, Split, or Zadar.

  4. Grandpa T says:

    All the costumes are amazing — and it’s amazing that you can put them away and find them again. At first I thought that was Henry in the lady-bug costume, but then I said, “No, that person is too small.”

  5. jillybean says:

    I love it when the kids reuse their costumes, it usually means I only have to make one new costume each year. Unfortunately this year, everyone wants a new one.

    • zstitches says:

      Just say no. (But I know how it is–how can you possibly say no to a cute kid who’s all excited about a costume idea and just knows her talented mommy can make it happen for her?)

  6. jenlinmin says:

    Oh, Zina, your blog reminds me how talent-less I am. You are amazing, girl!

  7. Megan says:

    Hazel is adorable, as are the rest. My Henry would be so jealous of your Henry’s costume. He’s going to be He Man again this year, so he still gets the sword. Actually, I haven’t decided if I trust him with the sword, so I may change my mind before the big day.

    Good for you doing dress rehersal!

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  9. the MomB says:

    I do remember now looking at these quickly while I was out in Boston. Thanks for the reminder. They all look adorable (sorry, Isaac).

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