Children can teach us so much about vocabulary

Henry, squinting, holds a fly swatter in his extended right arm, waving it in the vicinity of my head.  (I’m very scared.)  He shouts, “I vanquish you!”

“You vanquish me?”

“Yes! Vanquish is when you kill someone for pretend.”

Henry can also now identify our VHS of Toy Story by its cover, and verify his selection by the Disney trailers at the beginning of the tape.  Watching baby Tarzan grow up, he says, “Oh, Mom, now it’s coming to a COOL part!  I love this part! I love that guy!”

This morning Dean told me, “Hazel had a flyswatter in her crib.  I don’t now how it got there.”

More photos from Balboa Park in San Diego.

(Apparently, I haven’t taken any photos since then.)

(Also, Dean’s new waterproof camera, which he used to take these photos, doesn’t take nearly as nice land photos as my little Canon PowerShot.  I love my little Canon PowerShot. Dean got the waterproof one so we’d have something to use on vacation until we could order a new PowerShot for me after mine got dropped and broken.)

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3 Responses to Children can teach us so much about vocabulary

  1. Kristina P. says:

    I can’t believe how big Hazel is now! I remember meeting her as a newborn!

  2. Hannah says:

    What is it with kids and fly swatters? Yuck! There is also a lot of vanquishing going on at our house. Only my kids call it, “I shoot you!”

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