As smart as a 5th-grader

Mabel’s been labeling features on a U.S. Map for 5th Grade geography, and I was just quizzing her on the States (not that I can do much better than she can, alas) and found out that she was pronouncing the last two syllables of Arkansas as Kansas. Furthermore, she thought that those two states followed a similar naming pattern to states like North Dakota and South Dakota, Virginia and West Virginia: Kansas and Arkansas.

At Balboa Park in San Diego, Mabel points out a flower that would make a good fairy dress.

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12 Responses to As smart as a 5th-grader

  1. Anneke says:

    Also, the state itself didn’t decide which way to pronounce it until 1881:

  2. Virginia Wood says:

    That fairy dress that Mabel likes is a variety of orchid. You can buy her a fairy dress orchid in almost any Home Depot for about $15 – $19.

    Aunt Ginger

    • zstitches says:

      I was pretty sure it was an orchid but was afraid to stick my neck out and say so. 🙂

      A few years ago Mabel was SURE that a potted flower at Home Depot actually reached out and embraced her as she walked by, and she begged us to buy it for her. We gave in–and within a week or two the plant was, sadly, dead. She might be more ready to care for a plant, now, though. (She’s doing a good job caring for her pet hedgehog. She complains a LOT about the smelly job of cleaning his cage, but she still does it.)

  3. Acheté says:

    Mabel might now be ready to appreciate one of my favorite trivia questions: What is the only Midwestern state whose name didn’t come from a word in some Indian language?

    (Another one is: name all the states named after European nobility.)

    • Jason says:

      I want to guess on the first question, but I’m afraid my answer would ruin it for everybody else.

      • zstitches says:

        I think you can safely go for it.

        I have only a vague notion of “Midwest” so I’d need a definitive list to choose from–but off the top of my head I would want to guess Indiana because it would be funny.

        As for the royalty one, my guesses (without doing any research to verify) would be:

        Virginia and West Virginia
        the Carolinas

        Oh, and also Hawaii and Rhode Island, of course. (Kidding.)

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