My Labor Day is ruined, but my sense of humor is intact. Or, I’ve become deranged.

So, as I think I mentioned in my last post (but it would be SO much work to actually check) we’ve had a long flu weekend here.  By today Ike, Mabel, and Rose are well enough to play with friends, but Dean is feeling queasy, my nose is dripping and sore, and Hazel is crusty-nosed and cranky.  Henry is so far symptom-free, but although we have our fingers crossed, odds are he’s next in line.  For suffering.

I wanted to sew today, but every time I wander into my sewing room,  my nose starts dripping and I decide it’s just not fun to sew in this condition.  So I go back to catching up on a few hundred posts in Google Reader, and checking to see if anyone’s said anything funny or interesting on Facebook or Twitter.  (You always have!  Bless you, internet!)  On my most recent foray into my sewing room, I was greeted by this sight:

I startled, and then laughed and laughed.

I shouldn’t have been surprised:  earlier today, Dean had suggested we try putting charcoal in my sewing room to  absorb the last bit of musty odor from the sprinkler water that seeped into my sewing room last week.  I’d thought it was a good idea.  But I guess I hadn’t expected how fast he would act on it.  (Get it? Fast-acting charcoal?)  (Ugh.)  Or maybe I just hadn’t envisioned how it would look.

Or I’m deranged. Very possibly.

I hope you’re all enjoying your fun-filled Labor Day picnics and your delicious grilled foods.  As for me and my charcoal, we’re hanging out in the sewing room.

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7 Responses to My Labor Day is ruined, but my sense of humor is intact. Or, I’ve become deranged.

  1. Adam P. says:

    Let me know if that works out. I hope you don’t start smelling like a campfire.

  2. Acheté says:

    Hahahaha. I’m glad to see that the monster in your closet is housetrained.

    I’ve forgotten exactly what it is that “activates” charcoal, but I can imagine the monster litter doing its intended job, and hope it does.

    • zstitches says:

      Dean says activated charcoal has more surface area so it will light more easily–just a roughened surface, I guess. I said, “Do you want to reply and tell him that?” and he said, with a touch of disdain, “He could find it out himself in a 5-second Google search.” Oh, WELL, okay than. 🙂

  3. Hannah says:

    Well, hope your non-Labor Day is going to be better than the holiday. We drove into the mountains to have a picnic, but it was so windy that removed the back row of seats and ate our lunch in the car

  4. Beck says:

    We all spent our Labour Day wearing multiple sweaters and sneezing – sudden cold snap + bad summer cold!

  5. I am dying to start sewing now that I can sit up again. I lay in bed dreaming up cowgirl costumes for the June bug.

    Personally, I’m terrified my kiddo’s are going to get sick. Georgia is so teensy.

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