When I do something ditzy I tell the whole world. I don’t know why. But I hope you enjoy it.

Earlier today I was wondering whether it would be a correct use of the word “ironic” if I just caught up on over a month’s worth of ironing two days ago, and then three out of five of my kids got sick and will be staying home from church today and not wearing their freshly-pressed finery.  And then I realized that, whether or not that is ironic, it definitely is iron-ic.  (Nyuk, nyuk.)

I just got a new church calling to be the secretary for the Primary (children’s organization) and even though I’ve already had this calling just a few years ago, so far this time I keep proving myself more airheaded than on top of things. Earlier this week I emailed the rest of the members of the Primary presidency asking whether it was a Stake Leadership Training Meeting that was coming up, or a Worldwide one, and the president patiently replied that both were coming up in the next few months, and gave the dates.  And then a couple of minutes after I got her email, I realized both of those meetings were listed on the calendar she had included on the agenda she’d made for our presidency meeting the day before.

Then Friday night I came down with a flu (the same one my kids have, very yucky) and when I wasn’t better by yesterday afternoon, I called the Primary President and left a message asking whether she wanted me to get a substitute for Sunday, or just have the rest of the presidency cover for me.  She still hadn’t replied by this morning, and I left another message, and was fretting because I hoped that no response meant she wasn’t worried about my not having a sub, but wasn’t sure I could assume that, and I thought about sending out an email to the whole presidency, but didn’t want to seem to be panicking.  Also I wasn’t sure anyone would see an email sent on a Sunday morning.  Then, since I had taken the class rolls home with me last week, I took them back over to the church this morning (our meetings are in the afternoon) and only as I was arriving at the church did I remember the Primary President had mentioned, at least twice, that she would be out of town this weekend.

Luckily even at the 11th hour (literally it was 11 o’clock by then) I was able to call and find a sub.  Then I left another message on the President’s phone saying “Um, never mind.”

Meanwhile we had a drama going on here, in which Mabel and Henry got locked in Henry’s bedroom.  Yesterday the doorknob had broken such that it could only be opened from one side, and Dean thought he had fixed it.  Then today Mabel was helping Henry get his church clothes on (Mabel and Henry are my two non-sick kids) and the door got shut, and this time it couldn’t be opened from the inside nor the outside.  When I got home from taking the rolls to the church, Dean had set up a ladder against the back of the house and removed the window screen and had fashioned a tool that he was trying to get Ike to use on the doorknob, but Ike had to climb back down from the ladder and come back in the house to throw up.  And Mabel and Henry were scared to climb out the window and down the wobbly ladder.  Eventually Dean figured out something that worked (I didn’t get the specifics, but I think the doorknob had to be removed entirely) and the kids are out.  Mabel’s indignant that I was on the computer while this was happening, but Dean seemed to have the situation in hand.

All this before noon on a Sunday.  Now I need a nap.

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2 Responses to When I do something ditzy I tell the whole world. I don’t know why. But I hope you enjoy it.

  1. Rachel says:

    Sounds like you need a Sunday to rest from your Sunday. We have a door at our house that has been without a doorknob for about six months, for similar reasons.

  2. Jason says:

    It never pains but it roars, eh?

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