Interpretation of tongues

Henry says,  “Mom, let’s sing the song about ams-trans-gres-chun.”

I ask,  “What?”


I listen intently.  “You mean Adam?”


“You want to sing the verse about Adam in ‘Follow the Prophet?'”

“No!  Ams-trans-gres-chun.”

“Do you mean this song?”  I start to sing the 2nd Article of Faith.


“Okay.”  Together Henry and I sing, “We believe that men will be punished for their own sins, and not for Adam’s transgression.”

Henry asks, “Is that all of it?”

“Yup. That’s all of it.”

(I wish I’d learned how to make a recording and put it on a blog, so you could hear Henry say this. Oh, well.)

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6 Responses to Interpretation of tongues

  1. Hannah says:

    For about a week, Ethan kept asking to sing “busy boats.” But it wasn’t “Row, row, row, your boat” or any other boat song that I could figure out. I asked him to sing it for me. He sang something unintelligible but moved his fingers in an upward direction. Finally, I figured out that it was “the itsy-bitsy spider” otherwise known as “busy boats.”

  2. Lili says:

    I got it right away, but it’s probably easier when it’s spelled out than when all you have is the pronunciation. 😉

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