Amphibian advantages

Me:  “Well, I’d better get off the computer.”

Rose:  “Is it time to leave for school?”

Me: “No.  But I need to eat my breakfast and do my makeup.  You need something to do, don’t you?”

Rose:  “No, I’m okay.  I just like thinking about stuff.  Well, there was this sock that either you or Dad buyed, and if I putted the sock on my hand, and stretched out my fingers so it looked like a froggy hand, if I showed it to someone, then I would turn into a little frog.  Then I could go under stuff so people couldn’t get me, and I could live outside, and I wouldn’t have to do chores, unless I was gardening because I was a frog.  If I didn’t want to go to school, I would put on that sock and show it to Mom, then I would be a little frog and I would go under my dresser, so I wouldn’t be able to go to school.”

When some girls in our neighborhood had a face-painting booth for the 4th of July, Rose asked for a star on her forehead, and rocks on the backs of her hands.

Update: I’m just realizing that even imaginary puppets can help kids to express their true feelings.

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6 Responses to Amphibian advantages

  1. Kristina P. says:

    Makes perfect sense.

  2. Acheté says:

    It’s an interesting psychological truth that the thing is worthless unless you can show it to someone–even someone you’re trying to avoid.

  3. Jennette says:

    Does this mean that you’re done with Mockingjay? I’m still waiting for my copy!

    • zstitches says:

      I’m still waiting for my Amazon pre-ordered standard-shipping copy to come, with an expected delivery date of next Monday. But when I realized that would happen, I buckled and bought a copy at Costco on Tuesday.

      I can’t wait for everyone else to finish it so we can TALK. 🙂 My sister Lili’s finished and we’ve discussed it via fb messages.

  4. the MomB says:

    Rose, the rock star.
    Love that girl.

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