Isaac made frosting for cupcakes and we’re spreading the leftover frosting on graham crackers.

Dean asks Ike, “Did you put lemon juice in this?”

“No,” I answer for Ike. “I told him it was optional, and he opted not to. Ike, lemon juice doesn’t make it lemon-flavored, it just makes the frosting taste better. It gives it a nice tang.”

“Tang!” says Dean. “That gives me an idea.”

“Oh, no, Dad,” says Ike. “Remember when you put Tang on toast? Ew.”

Mabel says, “But Ike, you like to dip toast in Tang.”

“But not straight-up powder!”

Dean says, “This is different.”

Ike says, “Don’t add it to the frosting, Dad.”

Dean says, “I’m not. Just watch.” He sprinkles Tang powder on top of his frosted graham cracker.

I say, “If that was actually good, somebody would have discovered it by now.”

Dean says, “A lot of people have prejudices about Tang.”

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8 Responses to Tolerance

  1. Stephen says:

    So, was it good? Is it a matter of opinion? 🙂

  2. Jason says:

    Now you’ve made me thirsty. I really need sometang to drink.

  3. Megan says:

    We put leftover frosting on graham crackers and Nilla wafers, too. I think I like those better than the cupcakes!

  4. jenlinmin says:

    I hope you will catch this comment on such an old post… We are going to Portland next week and plan to stop at “Voodoo Doughnut” on a friend’s recommendation. I was just looking at the menu and they have a “Tangfastic” doughnut with powdered tang sprinkled on top of the vanilla frosting. Next time you find yourself in Portland you’ll have to try it!

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