Lots of people call their posts “random,” but this one really is

Two old cowboys are walking by a house.  One of them points at a dog on the porch and says “I’m gonna put that dog out of its misery.”  He draws his gun and shoots the dog in the head.  The dog’s owner comes running out of her house and screams, “What have you done?  That dog was perfectly healthy! And  I loved him like my own child!”  The cowboy answers, “Well, bein’ a dog is a miserable existence.”  He points his gun at the woman and says, “You’re lookin’ kinda miserable yourself.”

This story brought to you by a woman who just killed a very large housefly after I saw it staggering around and realized it was half-dead.

(I also kill healthy houseflies.)

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8 Responses to Lots of people call their posts “random,” but this one really is

  1. Jason says:

    Charming story. Did you make it up yourself or did you hear it from someone else?

    I would tweak it just a little. I’d have the punchline: “You’re lookin’ a little miserable yourself.”

  2. Acheté says:

    Apparently my extensive list of unconscious prejudices includes “dog owner = male” because on my first reading I was trying to figure out if the joke was about shooting his dog and then threatening to kill his wife. You should refer to her as a “woman dog owner”, just like you should say “woman doctor” and “woman policeman” and “male nurse”. (Yes, strangers, I am kidding.) Actually I guess you could obviate that particular reader’s blunder to say “The dog’s owner comes running out of her house. . .”

    • zstitches says:

      See, I thought “I loved that dog like it was my own child” would make it clear the owner was a woman. 🙂

  3. Jason says:

    I had the same distraction the first time I read it too. I hoped you’d leave it the way it was, though, so that the reader has to face her sexism.

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