Comment cull and quotes from a stranger

It’s pretty embarrassing to reveal how much I sometimes make myself at home in other people’s comment threads, but I can’t help sharing some excerpts from a conversation I had over at Finslippy.  Finslippy’s original post was about not being able to sleep on a camping trip in Utah because she was thinking about murderers.

I’ll start with some excerpts from my first four comments.  (Yes, four.  Yes, excerpts.)  Then there’s a response to me from a witty person who calls herself “Margaret,” and my reply to her, and her second reply to me.

[Me, Comment 1, to Finslippy/Alice]

I’d be more scared of being murdered in an apartment in New York than a tent in Utah. So you are very brave in your own way.

[Me, Comment 2, in response to someone who mentioned wild animals]

I can’t believe I forgot about bears. Three or four years ago it was in the news that TWO local kids in TWO separate locations got killed by bears within about a two-week period. One of the locations was where we had been thinking about going camping. We didn’t go, that year.

But the bears are still out there . . .

[Me, Comment 3]

Just checked my facts and I guess it was just one death (but I think more than one attack) by black bear in the summer of 2007 in Utah. The odds of this are of course much less than being murdered, and much, much less than dying in a car accident, or drowning, etc. But feel free to cite this story next time you’re invited to camp.

[Me, Comment 4]

P.S. Let’s panic about bears! And itinerant murderers!

[Margaret to me]

Zina: Your logic is flawed. There are a billion apartment buildings in New York City, and each has approximately a thousand units. A murderer will never make it up to the 32nd floor of my building–he’ll find someone much better to murder on the way up. There are, what, four campsites in Utah? The odds are with being murdered in your pup tent in Utah.

[Me to Margaret]

Margaret, says Utah has “over 7000 improved campsites and virtually unlimited primitive camping.” That’s fewer sites than a billion, but a bit more than four. The real question, I guess, would be to find out the ratio of serial killers to campsites in Utah. That I don’t know–I’ve lived here most of my life, but can only think of a few serial killers among my close friends and family.

I will grant you that the 31 floors below you make you less accessible to murderers–other than the ones living on the 31st or 33rd floors. For those, you’d have to hope that the guy on 33 prefers killing upstairs neighbors, and the guy on 31 likes going downstairs to kill.

[Margaret to me]

Zina, you make a good point, but I live in a fairly strict coop. There’s no *way* a murderer would pass our board. Also, the doormen always announce visitors, so any outside murderer would be stopped in the lobby. It’s a pretty foolproof anti-murderer system.

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7 Responses to Comment cull and quotes from a stranger

  1. Kristina P. says:

    That bunny picture made me laugh out loud. You are a rather loquacious commenter.

  2. Mrs. Organic says:

    I’ll take my chances at the campground (but wasn’t there a case of a woman and her daughter being abducted/killed at a California campground in recent years?)

    Personally, I’m afraid of the rabid raccoons.

    • zstitches says:

      Raccoons are exactly what a person should fear. And I hear there’s a shirt you can buy at Anthropologie to wear on that camping trip. 🙂

  3. christina says:

    i love finslippy but have yet to truly enter the world of commenting … (contrary to this evidence against me)

  4. Thora says:

    I don’t know how many serial killers are hiding in the campgrounds of Utah, but I did have an experience with Cows, once. When Avram and I were newlyweds, I really wanted to go camping, but also really didn’t want to pay for it. So we drove up through Payson onto what I think was the back side of Mount Nebo, and camped on the free land there. Unfortunately, it also turned out to be free range cow land, too. So all night long outside our tent roamed very large and very scary (when you’re lying down amongst them, trying to sleep) cows. And being pregnant, I had to get up in the middle of the night, and pee, and I woke Avram up and made him come with me, because I was so scared of the cows, and that they would stampede me, or sit on me and squash me, or something. Basically they were like your picture of bunnies, but with cows.

    • zstitches says:

      LOL. That does sound absolutely terrifying. Thanks for sharing the story. Makes me want to always pay to camp. (Or pay to stay in a very nice hotel.)

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